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Geographical Location
This estate is located in southern France, 30km north of Béziers, between the mountains and the sea, and at the heart of the St. Chinian AOC appellation (fine wines of Languedoc). At the foot of the magnificent Col de Fontjun, near the old Royal Forest of Bousquet, this viticultural estate, or better a safe haven, is a place loaded with history.

Since the year 880, Château du Tendon was the place where the Benedictine monks carried out the harvesting of the crop before delivering the wheat to the mill of Tendon de Pierrerue. Later, in the 16th and then in the 17th century, other structures were built to accommodate the "chasse royale" , a story told by the old owners about the coming of Louis XIV during his visit to Languedoc.
It was in 1988 that the head of the family, Jacques Belot, with is diploma in tow, decided to take a new perspective on the farm.
It was also the great era of planting in stones. In fact, it was not easy to buy parcels that were already planted on. So, they decided to start in on the brush: they cleared, they crushed, and this was the veritable take off point for the creation of the BELOT vineyard.
Finally, in 1997, Karine took her place as the vineyard’s young vintner and created a familial GAEC  with her mother.
Today Karine and Lionel BELOT, the second generation, run the entire estate.

The Vineyard: Le Tendon         
The clay-limestone terroir in this area is very specific and produces grapes that are selected for the crafting of marvelous cuvées.
The vineyard is made up of parcels acquired over the years of noble varietals like Mourvèdre (4 hectares), Syrah (10 hectares), and Grenache (4 hectares).
However, there are also varietals here that did not previously exist in the vineyard: Viognier (42 hectares), Cabernet Sauvignon (7 hectares), and Merlot (4 hectares).

Varietal Types
Red Wines: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
White Wines: Viognier

The Cellar
It was necessary to invest in the basic equipment: tanks, wine press, stem separator, chilling device. Seven concrete tanks are completely reconditioned, making it possible to emphasize the specific characteristics of this terroir and produce wines of exceptional quality.

Country France
Region Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation Saint Chinian

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