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An eclectic selection of wines from around the world,
carefully curated and delivered to your door each month.

Introducing the Vin Voyage wine world exploration club.

Each month we work with a local supplier to choose a theme and a selection of fine wines based on it. The theme might be geographic, or based on some other criteria such as soil type, vinification, or varietal. We select only high-quality, interesting wines from lesser-known wine regions around the world.


We created Vin Voyage for:

  • Wine lovers who already know the basics, and are ready to explore other areas, grapes, and production styles
  • Students of wine pursuing a wine certification such as those from the WSET and JSA
  • Foodies who love cooking and pairing wine with food, and sharing these experiences with others


Our monthly wine selections are great for:

Wine study and examination prep

Train your nose and palate to differentiate among and identify a wider range of grapes, terroir, and vinification styles

Home tasting parties

Invite friends to come sample and enjoy wines they might not have the opportunity to encounter on their own

Food and wine pairing

Do you like to try cooking new dishes from around the world? Add a new dimension to the experience by pairing them with their local wines